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Living here in Bertie County

With natural beauty, historical significance, thriving economy, affordable cost of living, and family-friendly community. Bertie County; North Carolina is a beautiful and welcoming Community located in the eastern part of the state. The county is well-known for its historical significance, natural beauty, and an abundance of outdoor activities.


Business & Career Growth

Bertie County  is a great place to do business and grow your career. The county has a strong economy with a variety of businesses and industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and food processing. If you’re looking for a palace to start or grow your businesses of all sizes. Bertie County is also home to several business organizations and networking opportunities.


Events and Activities

Bertie County’s natural beauty and resources make our area an ideal destination for tourists and travel-related businesses. From the Waterfront area along the breathtaking Albemarle Sound to our gently rolling rural hills dotted with timeless historic towns, to the majesty of the Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge, we’re an excellent site for everything from day trips to complete vacation getaways.


We Are Bertie County

Bertie County has it all! It is a great place to live, work, and play. We are here to help you explore our region’s resources, opportunities, and recreation. We have a diverse group of programs to help you learn more and get involved with our community. The county features a rich, historic past, booming agricultural and industry sectors, and amazing places to relax. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life, or have just moved to the area, our community values every resident. Bertie County is a place with unlimited growth potential, where you can thrive personally and professionally.

Business Growth & Development

Bertie County has a dedicated team of professionals in key business roles to assist in new development — from start-ups or relocations to expansions and specializations. These resources are available to help you through the logistics of your industry, making your goals a reality! 

Career Opportunities

Whether you’re starting a new career, seeking advancement in your current industry, or transitioning to a new stage in life, Bertie County has opportunities for personal growth through different post-secondary education and training programs. 

Success Stories

People in all stages of life are all choosing Bertie County to develop their careers, advance their education, and improve their quality of life. New businesses are emerging and expanding to our region to maximize product and service growth.
Here are some examples: 

Working In Bertie County


Find out how Bertie County’s nurturing and collaborative environment has empowered local residents to achieve their professional goals.

Bertie County Residents


Bertie County residents cherish the freedom to live, work, and play in a community that offers diverse opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle, From pursuing professional goals to enjoying recreational activities residents find fulfillment in the abundant possibilities Martin County provides.

Bertie County Students


Hear incredible student stories of how Bertie County provides valuable opportunities for education, training and career growth.

Community Leaders of Bertie County, NC

Bertie County’s success and growth is a testament to the collaboration, partnerships, and the great people of this community. When we work together, we can achieve anything. We are dedicated to keeping this great thing growing, and we know that it wouldn’t be possible without every one of you. Thank you for being a part of the Bertie County community!

Lewis Hoggard

Mayor, Town of Windsor NC

We are becoming a destination for employers looking for a diverse workforce and new residents who want quality-of-life balance that larger cities cannot provide. Business and industry have been growing rapidly in recent years, and through expansion of our roadways, investment into our industrial park, and working together with local stakeholders, we are ready to welcome that growth.”

Vivian Saunders

Executive Director, Hive House

Through a collaborative approach, Bertie County brings to light career pathways available in our area — while connecting businesses to future employees. We have programs in place to maximize and retain local talent, optimizing business growth. Our entire community always supports and rallies behind our efforts to improve the quality of life here in beautiful Bertie County.

Ron Wesson

Commissioner, Bertie County

 Career Pathways

Key industries in Bertie County include Biosciences, Food Manufacturing and Steel Manufacturing. Companies specializing in these areas rely on a diverse range of staff, from entry-level positions to experienced managers, advanced engineers, and skilled workers. 

Steel Manufacturing

Steel fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials. Typically a fabrication project is based on engineering drawings. These shops employ a multitude of workers who specialize in welding, cutting, forming and machining.


For more information, click on the button below to view the latest career opportunities and corresponding pay rates in the Steel Manufacturing industry. 

Food Manufacturing

Food and beverage industries encompass a variety of job opportunities beyond plant management, quality control, food science and sales. Whether you have skills in accounting, human resources, or are looking to spread your wings in a career in farming, marketing or environmental health and safety, opportunities in these roles could be the next step in your career.

For more information, click on the button below to view the latest career opportunities and corresponding pay rates in Food Manufacturing. 


Biosciences is the study of life. From genetics to zoology, students of biosciences gain a window into life in all its forms. Bioscience fields include a multitude of careers, from laboratory-based work and beyond. Opportunities can be found in academic research, the pharmaceutical and diagnostic medicine industry, the healthcare sector, the food and environmental health sector, and local and central government. 

For more information, click on the button below to view the latest career opportunities and corresponding pay rates in the biosciences industry.

Martin County NCWorks Career Center


If you are interested in relocating or expanding your business, or an individual seeking new career opportunities in Bertie County, NC, please contact us with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to provide additional information and resources and connect you with the right contacts for your industry.

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